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Worldwide Exotics Nursery

We are a full-service nursery offering high-quality plants at affordable prices. Our customer and specialty services are outstanding. We consider our business “The best-hidden Secret in the San Fernando Valley”

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About Worldwide Exotics

Shelley Jennings along with her husband Ken have been collecting, growing, and propagating Drought Tolerant Perennials from all over the world for almost 30 years. The collection consists of over a thousand different species from the dry, desolate deserts to the humid tropical rain forests. Shelley who was working in the stock market at the time barely gave her garden a second thought. It was her next door neighbor, Gary Hammer, a third generation horticulturist, who placed exotic plants in her path. Hammer traveled the globe in search of unusual species that could be introduced into Los Angeles gardens. Often, when Hammer would return from one of his expeditions, he would hand over specimens to Shelley and tell her to plant them in her garden. He would ask about their progress and those that thrived with little care were propagated and became staples in the nursery.



Flowering Perennials



By the early 90s, Shelley founded Worldwide Exotics Nursery and began collecting with Hammer. Over the years her collection has been displayed at farmers markets, botanical gardens, amusement parks, Disney Concert Hall, schools, local zoos, wildlife habitats, commercial and residential gardens, movie sets, and many more. To this day we are still propagating unusual specimens and farming 6 acres in the San Fernando Valley.

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Our collection consists of over a thousand different species from the dry, desolate deserts to the humid tropical rain forests. Tropicals, Sub-tropicals, flowering perennials, cacti, succulents, bulbs, and water plants can be found at Worldwide Exotics.

What People Are Saying

Shira Wrote

“Love this place! Good selection, mature plants at reasonable prices and knowledgeable, helpful and creative people there to help. Met Ken and Shelly at the farmers market on Ivar in Hollywood and went out to their nursey, this place is well worth the ride”.

Libby B Wrote

“This nursery has been a real find! with a 1/2 acre property in the hills I have many obstacles to overcome in our garden. Everything from multiple forms of wildlife to the steep grades of our hillside gardens. Shelley has been a great help with design ideas at affordable prices”.

Jennifer J Wrote

“Worldwide Exotics is my favorite nursery! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have an interesting variety of drought-tolerant plants at excellent prices! Happy to have found you!”

Get In Touch

(818) 890-1915

11157 Orcas Ave, Lake View Terrace CA 91342

Open to the public Saturdays only 9:30am – 4:00pm

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